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Located at Lom-Nava von D’ambassade du Chad in the city center of the economic capital of Benin republic. A very serene environment that welcomes tourists from all part of the world and allows exchange of various cultures, tradition, and language

1) No.1 in the UK, Student Crowd University Awards, 2022
2) International Green Gown Awards, 2021
3) HESA Graduate Outcomes, 2019/20


Congratulations on getting your place at ESAE University. We can't wait to welcome you! These web pages have everything you need to help you prepare.

ESAE University is attracting the best expert thinkers who are awaken to entrepreneurship and business model development. Unusual managers, and hyper-resourceful technocrats in all fields of human endeavours who are committed to pioneering excellence to become total men who will go out to change their world.

Here are key dates for the 2023/24 academic year >

The next academic year will begin on Monday 4th September 2023

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