ABOUT ESAE University

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says: “Education is a fundamental right and the basis for progress in every country.

We are a university with thousands of undergraduate and postgraduate students, nestled in 5 campuses across the republic of Benin with our bi-lingual city campus domiciles in the heart of Cotonou the commercial capital of Benin republic.

Founded Decades ago, to meet the demands of a new kind of society, economy, and world. Our principles resonate now more than ever. ESAE University was born from a pioneering vision, one of a different kind of university.

The University’s founding aim was to produce graduates who not only had the technical and specialist knowledge to move society forward, but who understood the social and political landscape that drove this need.

Fast-forward till date the university’s original ethos remains at the core of the University’s mission, and our global network of over 10,000 alumni in 120 countries is creating positive impact across the world in a range of diverse careers.

We also provide an enabling environment, training, and mentorship for students to awaken their entrepreneurial spirit.

We train our undergraduate on how to proffer practical solutions to economic and all-round societal challenges facing the African continent and the world at large. At our university students are mandated to learn both French and English language, which make them well prepared to take the lead in the international scene.

We’re ESAE university, we’re different, we lead; others follow.

Why Choose ESAE?

  • To provide quality education to African youths at a very affordable rate
  • To provide solution to economic, political, environmental, and other challenges faced in Africa through, practical training and education.
  • Ensure application of trainings to social, cultural, economic, scientific, and technological problems; Encourage and promote scholarship and conduct research in all fields of learning and human endeavor.
  • Develop and offer academic and professional programmes leading to the award of diplomas, first degrees, and higher degrees, which emphasize planning, adaptive and technological maintenance, developmental and productive skills; promote by research and other means, the advancement of knowledge and its practical.
  • Provide scientific and technological knowledge among scientists, researchers, industries, trade services, and other bodies; and
  • If Africa is truly to emerge as a world leader as she has been touted for some time now, we must put quality and accessible education on the front burner. It is also our belief that no child should be left out of school

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